The E keychain

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

The E keychain

My mom received an E keychain for a Secret Santa gift exchange where she waitressed about 30 years ago. My mom’s name is Eva and one of the busboys had drawn her name for the $10 or less gift exchange. My mom was a bit disappointed thinking the gift couldn’t have cost more than a dollar, but she used it for her car keys anyway. The keychain was more robust than expected, and ten years later, she still had the keychain. The keychain had lost some of its shine, and was looking a little rugged, but my mom would remark on her first impressions of the gift, and then reminisce about the busboy, where we moved on to, that he’s a husband and a father now. The keychain started out being a disappointment, and none of the keychains she has purchased have meant as much as that E keychain. What gift have you received that started as a disappointment, then grew into a treasure?

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