Somebody has to be in the picture.

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Somebody has to be in the picture.

Ever have a friend that was pretty shallow, like “it’s not all about you” shallow? When I was single, around 20 years ago, my sister and two friends would go on short little three-day cruises. One friend, Marcie, wasn’t the deepest person on this earth. Marcie would discuss the virtues of perfect hair, the perfect smile, the perfect clothes, and she would always tell us, “Don’t take pictures unless somebody is in it”. Did we listen to her, no, of course not? We took pictures of everything interesting; La Bufadora, the largest marine geyser in the world, the guy with a leashed pet fox, etc. Now, two decades later and perusing the photographs, Marcie was quite the philosopher. The photos of the cool stuff, really did not matter, but the photos of us, and people we had met stirred up many wonderful memories. I had proof that I was once young and thin and hip. Pictures of people we met would stir up stories of how we met and their life adventures. That is what I love about personalized gifts – they always tell a story. Expensive, trendy gifts, are always super exciting, but the necklace that has a picture of your great aunt that died at 99 will be the one most treasured in 10 years, even in one year. When I have gone to my reward, I am sure my kids and grandkids will cherish the pictures of me being a dork, rather than La Bufadora. What is your most treasured gift?

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